Take That, Shopsin! Stumptown Comes to Essex Street Market

Photo: Courtesy of Pain D’Avignon

We’re told it’ll be a month or so till Pain D’Avignon (the bakery that delivers bread to Momofuku Ssam and Eleven Madison Park) starts serving sandwiches at its Essex Street Market store, but in the meantime it has added Stumptown to the mix. The menu below should loosen Café Pedlar’s hold on Lower East Side Stumptown nuts, and it’s a much safer option than getting your caffeine fix from a certain other Essex Street Market purveyor (wrote Kenny Shopsin in Eat Me: ““When people come in and ask for coffee to go, we tell them ‘You can get the “to go” part.’”)

Coffee Service
Espresso - $2.50
Cappuccino - $3.30
Latte - $3.70
Americano - $2.50

Coffee Beans for Sale (12 oz. bags)
Guatemala Bella - $12.50
Hair Bender - $11
Burundi - $12.75
Decaf House - $10.75