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Shut Up, Foodies! Say It Loud and Proud

“I really have no problem with ‘foodies,’” I have a problem with snobbery,” Shut Up, Foodies! contributor Meatball tells Eat Me Daily. The three anonymous and wicked minds behind the blog discuss their food backgrounds, the “deification of Michael Pollan,” and the unexpected, but pleasant reactions to their site. Some zingers are below.

• I loathe cooking, but I dated a chef once. That ended badly.

• I like to skewer people a bit who act like the solution to crappy fast food is having a garden in your backyard and spending a ton of money at the farmer’s market.

• As far as Michael Pollan goes, I have to plead the Tori Amos on this one — his fans suck, he does not.

• Social scientists talk about “ambient awareness” and I think food culture has reached that status for a lot of sectors of society. It’s like how I know the names of all the characters on Sex and the City, even though I never watched it. It’s all around us. If I, ramen-eater, have heard the drumbeat of ramps approaching, then it’s pretty loud.

Interview with Shut Up Foodies [Eat Me Daily]

Shut Up, Foodies! Say It Loud and Proud