Shark-Jump Alert: SBE Looking to Land in Silver Lake

Photo: Leah.jones via Flickr

It appears Sam Nazarian wants to build a location of The Abbey, his least douchey destination, in Silver Lake. This is a marked move eastward for the ringleader of L.A.’s red-velvet rope set that transformed Hollywood from a transgender hooker market to a bottle-service-required meat-market. Eater alerts us to the magnate’s Twitter Feed, decked out in a MySpace-era wrap of his own mug and clearly occupying a lot of dude’s time. What does Sam say?

Besides revealing that he actually likes traveling with babies (who on earth enjoys flying next to these whine-boxes?) Sam tweets,”Looking for a new ABBEY location in Silverlake, LA!! Area ia soo cool and had soo much personality.” You hear what wicked thing this way comes, Silver Lake? The kind of nightlife that might have pushed you to move here in the first place could be your future, ending dreams of a quiet-life with you and your unbecoming mustache. Oh well, at least for now it’s The Abbey, but who knows what could change by the time Nazarian learns that “Silverlake” is actually two words.

Sam Nazarian’s Twitter Feed [Eater]
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