Shake Shack Will Bring Back Bacon-and-Peanut-Butter Burger This Weekend

Photo: Westside Independent

Bloggers have been busy debating the unhealthiness of KFC’s Double Down: Consumerist easily finds ten fast-food items that are higher in fat and calories than the sandwich, including a few salads, but stats star Nate Silver crunches the numbers further to come to the conclusion that the Double Down is the most unhealthy option bite-per-bite. Now we may have a new blechtacular creation to obsess over.

Last Saturday, Shake Shack UWS quietly offered a peanut-butter-and-bacon burger that a Washington Square News reviewer said was “an interesting creation that at least satisfied my curiosity, if not my taste buds.” Now the Westside Independent reports you’ll get a chance to satisfy your curiosity: “It’s coming back this Saturday as the restaurant’s special burger of the day.”

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