Shabu Shabu Toki Bites the Dust

Photo: jscatty/Flickr

Shabu Shabu Toki has shuttered, reports Boston Restaurant Talk.The fun-to-say restaurant opened just over a year ago and will be replaced by a different hot pot restaurant called Toki Super Fusion. It’s unclear whether this is a great business decision. Shabu shabu spots had a boom in Boston in the latter half of the aughts, when still popular spots like Shabu-Ya and Shabu-Zen opened up, but recently, the hot pot hot spots have been falling on hard times. Indeed, Shabu Shabu Toki is the third shabu shabu spot to shutter within a year or so of opening: Harvard Square’s Shabu Square lasted almost exactly one year, and Coolidge Corner’s Shabu Village made it for just nine months. Are Boston’s shabu shabu eyes bigger than its stomach? For Toki Super Fusion’s sake, we hope not.

Shabu Shabu Toki in Allston Closes, to Be Replaced by Toki Super Fusion Cuisine [Boston Restaurant Talk]

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