Schnitzel & Things Accused of Being a ‘Terrorist Threat’?


If you thought the ever-feisty Schnitzel & Things truck had finally won over hearts and minds after being immortalized in a T-Mobile commercial, not so much. Operator Gene Voss tells Business Insider that someone at the Citi building (one of his routine parking spots) complained about the truck twice today. Cops left it alone the first time (after Voss displayed his permits) only to return with bigger guns: “The area (54th and Lex) around Citi is considered a ‘high profile’ area and the building itself a ‘high profile’ building, so they can call a terrorist threat on anyone, anytime.” While it’s true that the truck had tweeted threats of “extreme schnitzification” shortly before the incident, the only thing that’s a threat to is our arteries. Anyway, it’s no surprise that a truck that has powered through everything from fires to slashed tires plans to return to the scene of the non-crime next week.

Citi Just Called The Cops On The Schnitzel Truck [Business Insider]