Sandwichland: Potato Chip (and Skin!) Sammies, Plus Fultummy’s

Photo: No. 7 Sub’s egg-salad sandwich.

The KFC Double Down isn’t the only thing happening in sandwichland. Serious Eats offers an overstuffed slideshow of No. 7 Sub’s sandwiches, warning that “there’s a certain sense of ‘What the hell am I eating?’ that comes with lunch at No. 7 Sub.” Lost City reports that an “international sandwich place” by the name of Fultummy’s has opened on Brooklyn’s Columbia Street. And Eater has it that Swich has changed its concept and is now offering sandwiches such as the Whatwhat, made with potato chips and provolone. It’s not the only instance of experimentation with spuds — Midtown Lunch points to the Mr. Potato Skin, a new sandwich at Cer Te that’s made with potato skin instead of bread.

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