Reichl Preps Anderson Cooper for The Bazaar

Cooper's "dragon breath"
Cooper’s “dragon breath” Photo: CBS via YouTube

“Expect wonders….Food is going to do things that you never imagined,” Ruth Reichl tells Anderson Cooper about Jose Andres’ Bazaar on 60 Minutes. But Cooper still looks astonished when the Spanish molecular gastronomist makes smoke pour through the anchorman’s nose with a spoonful of nitro popcorn. “That’s dragon-breath, boy,” Andres tells Cooper, who is busy scrambling to make sense of the fiesta popping off in his mouth. Will Andres’ eccentric eats forever change Coop’s life like the chef promises? You’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out. In the meantime, watch this clip of Reichl, Andres, and Cooper buzzing around The Bazaar.