Pio Pio Faces Class-Action Lawsuit

Photo: Carmen Lopez

Peruvian rotisserie-chicken empire Pio Pio is the latest to be hit with what attorneys at Fitapelli & Schaffer hope will be a class-action lawsuit for failure to pay minimum wage and overtime. According to the complaint, which you can read below, nine employees who worked as servers and bussers at some of the chain’s nine locations were illegally required to pool their tips and pay for the cleaning of their uniforms — their wages are said to have been docked for walkouts and breakage. “Unfortunately,” reads the complaint, “Augusto Yallico, the owner of the Pio Pio restaurants, has decided it was more important to expand the popular chain and line his own pockets than abide by federal and state age and hour laws.”

Luis Hernandez et. al. vs. Pio Pio 34 Inc. et. al. [PDF]