Philly ‘Honored’ With Applebee’s ‘Burger’

Photo: Courtesy of Applebees

Applebees just introduced a new line of “neighborhood-inspired” burgers to kickoff the restaurant’s “Realburgers from Across America” menu. The entire country only gets three of burgers, but Philadelphia was *ahem* lucky enough to inspire one of them. The new burgers include the Southwest Jalapeno Burger, the Cowboy Burger and your very own Philly Burger (pictured), which the chain describes as: “Applebee’s interpretation of a sandwich so bold it represents a city. Crowned with fresh, sauteed onions, peppers and mushrooms, it’s topped with a rich, aged white cheddar cheese sauce and served ‘Philly Style’ on a toasted hoagie roll.” Talk about eating good in the neighborhood… [Marketwire]