Park Slope Food Coop Throws Rotten Tomatoes at Barneys


The general manager of the Park Slope Food Coop thinks its totally not cool that the Barneys Co-op is coming to Brooklyn and using the name co-op when its not really a cooperative. Says Joe Holtz in a letter to the Brooklyn Paper, Barneys misuse of the word dilutes [the Park Slope Food Coops] effort and effectively undermines our business model and, for lack of a better concept, brand. (Dont worry, Joe letter-writing campaigns like this one will totally re-solidify your brand, and give everyone yet another reason to mock it!) It turns out Holtzs complaint might actually pass legal muster, since theres some obscure law that says an actual co-op can protest a corporations abuse of the word, whether someone like Barneys has trademarked it or not. Holtz hasnt yet decided whether hes going to sue, but if he does, dapper bagger Adrian Grenier may just have to pick sides.

Is the Barneys Co-op breaking the law with its name? [Brooklyn Paper]