Odette Fada Leaves SD26

Photo: Melissa Hom

One of the citys top female toques, Odette Fada, is out of a job, according to Diners Journal. Flo Fab doesnt say what or who initiated the split, but shes leaving the kitchen at SD26 after fourteen years with Tony and Marisa May. After a costly relocation, the reboot of San Domenico received just one star from Platt, who admitted, youll find some very good things to eat there but found problems with consistency. Sifton also awarded a mere star, voicing a feeling that at SD26, we are a long, long way from the kind of restaurant Mr. May has stood for in New York City. Fada will be replaced by chef de cuisine Matteo Berganini.

Odette Fada Leaving SD26 [Diners Journal/NYT]