North Enders Feuding Over Outdoor Dining

Photo: Randy Son of Robert/Flickr

Fun fact: only three of the North End’s 95 city-licensed restaurants have outdoor dining. Several more, however, would like to add it, including Caffe Graffiti, reports the Globe. Here’s the thing: Caffe Graffiti doesn’t just want a patio, it wants a patio that’s not blocked by cars. To that end, owner Paul Trojano is advocating for a portion of Cross Street to become pedestrian-only, a move that local residents fear could exacerbate the neighborhood’s already terrible parking situation. ““It’s one of those delicate balances,” says Boston transportation commissioner Thomas J. Tinlin in the understatement of the week. The Cross Street pedestrian plaza matter isn’t set to be resolved anytime soon, but Caffe Graffiti is moving ahead with its outdoor seating plans no matter what.

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