Mobile Meat: Mia Dona’s Meatball Wagon and BLT’s Burger Truck

Photo: Joel Barhamand

More evidence that the meatball explosion we pointed to last July has returned with a vengeance (if it ever went away): Fork in the Road writes that Donatella Arpaia is putting a meatball wagon outside of Mia Dona daily from noon till 2 p.m. And elsewhere in the realm of meat on wheels, Wined and Dined hears that the non-Tourandel split-off of the BLT empire is launching a burger truck, called GO Burger, “offering burgers, turkey burgers, kobe hot dogs, shakes, fries, cheese fries, and even a damn good sounding breakfast sammie on english muffin (before 11am).” Yes, but what about meatballs?

BLT Restaurants Launches Burger Truck [Wined and Dined]
Donatella Arpaia Gets on the Meatball Bandwagon, Literally [Fork in the Road/VV]