Marco Canora Reconfigures the Pop-Tart

Photo: Nightline

Marco Canora cooked for Nightline’s “Platelist” series last night and in the interview revealed that he’s trying to re-create his favorite junk food: unfrosted blueberry Pop-Tarts. (Unfrosted? What’s the point?) Watch our clip below to hear Canora get existential, but be sure to read the entire interview for gems like this: “I always remind my cooks and I always remind myself that at the end of the day, this is about one person who walks through this door and sits down and has their two or three or four dishes and for that one person, they don’t care about a backstory. They don’t care about anything — they’re coming here, they’re paying a lot of money, and they want their salad and their fish and their dessert. [It] has to resonate with them.”

Marco Canora Returns to His Roots [Nightline]