Kung Fu Bing’s Panda Avoids Extinction

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Kung Fu Bing recently closed in Chinatown, but weve found the giant panda that guarded its door (or a sibling, anyway) in Corona, Queens, of all places. We havent been this happy since we were reunited with Spot, the hydrocephalic dog that moved from St. Marks to Mulberry Street!

The chopstick-wielding bear can be found outside of a Taiwan hand pastry & bakery called Panda 88 (at 102-23 Roosevelt Avenue), and though the counterperson there couldnt tell us whether it came from Kung Fu Bing, we spotted some plastic cups with the KFB logo on them. Plus, the Chinese tacos depicted on the menu are the exact same bing that graced the picture menu there. Our guess is that this used to be (or was to be) a KFB, but because of financial or legal issues, its now Panda 88. But the panda (and the super-greasy pancakes stuffed with cut-rate deli meats) lives on.