Kid Foodies Get Kid Food Mag


Considering the American hunger for even the most micro-niched food magazines (Maxim meets Gourmet!), we can’t help but wonder what took the food-for-kids rag ChopChop so long to come around. The magazine, published quarterly by the nonprofit organization Kid2Kid, targets grade-school children and boasts health-oriented content designed to create “nutritionally literate” readers (think a profile of a junior-high chicken farmer). Such virtuousness! We’re holding our breath for something a little more hard-core — we would so subscribe to a kid-food rag bearing poison-pen restaurant reviews from kid critic David Fishman, industry insiderness from mini-mogul Alex Goldberg, and original recipes from the PR-savvy (and Alinea staging) pubescent wunderkind Greg Grossman.

ChopChop [Official site via Fork in the Road/VV]