Kauffman Likes the Pata at Patio Filipino; Reidinger Bows Down for the Burger at La Trappe

The crispy pata at Patio Filipino.
The crispy pata at Patio Filipino. Photo: Barbara Ries/Saveur

Seeing as there isn’t much in the way of decent Filipino food in town now that Poleng Lounge closed, and seeing as he always wants to be a little more ‘street’ and down with the ethnic cuisine than Bauer, Jonathan Kauffman ventures down to San Bruno this week to try out Patio Filipino, on the recommendation of The Saveur 100. He writes, “It’s a comfortable, attractive, well-priced bistro that satisfies both first-generation palates and second-generation expectations of what a night out at a good restaurant entails.” But he doesn’t sound all that jazzed about the food. [SF Weekly]

Paul Reidinger writes a characteristically long intro to his review of La Trappe in North Beach, discussing the history of Trappist monks and the “outsize role” of the potato in Belgian and German cuisines. Ultimately he says, “The food is solid and satisfying,” and calls the burger “exceptional.” But what’s this about this being “a city of bad burgers”? We beg to differ. [SFBG]