Jamie Oliver Praises McDonald’s; NYC Scoops Are Oversize

• Sam Sifton named his “necessary luxuries” for this month’s Departures, including Le Creuset pots, a Moleskine, and some fancy fishing gear. [Eater NY]

• The average scoop at a chain ice-cream shop in New York is 11 to 48 percent larger than the posted serving size. [NYP]

• McDonald’s in the United Kingdom are much healthier than their American counterparts, according to Jamie Oliver. [NYDN]

• Washington, D.C., is the latest city to consider a soda tax. [Obama Foodorama]

• Oregon is leading the way in sustainable wineries. [NYT]

• Traditional luxury foods are increasingly coming from nontraditional places: think Wagyu from Belgium. [WSJ]

• Activist group Breast Cancer Action is not impressed by KFC’s new Pink for the Cure promotion, calling it “pinkwashing.” [Fork in the Road/VV]