It’s JoeDoe vs. FauxDoe! (Plus: Ryan Skeen and JoeDoe Collide)

Photo: Courtesy of JoeDoe

Okay, these tweeting toques are officially running rabid. When Joe Dobias’s infamous chefjoedoe page went down, someone started tweeting under a new name, Joe D_Oh. That seemed to be a parody (even for Joe Doe, telling Gael Greene to “throw on a goose suit and let’s make some foie gras” seemed just a little bit over the top), and now yet another new page, JOEDOEchef, is calling Joe D_Oh out, with tweets like “got some DoeFries for that mouth of urs any time imposter(terrible one at that)” and “get ur sad sack o shit ass in the octagon! Gonna taste my joeFries!” Oh, this is really too much. Add to that, JOEDOEchef is also going up against Ryan Skeen’s Twitter.

Earlier, responding to a JoeDoe tweet that seemingly compared Pulino’s to Disneyland, Skeen wrote, “Ate at Pulino’s the other night, mind blowing Pork Shank, if this is Disneyworld JoeDoe is Mickey Mouse SH@T!!!!” Of course, JOEDOEchef had something to say about that: “least I don’t work in Harlem Ryan Skeen! Oh also own my own place and haven’t been fired 4times in a row u douche bag.” Somebody get these guys on the next season of Top Chef STAT.