Is Burritofication Kinda Like Scarification?

All-American Burger
All-American Burger Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

We were never really into All-American Burgers’ food, nor that whole Fox News-y, nationalism-y vibe. Nonetheless, are we the only ones saddened to see its Victorian charmer become another fudgin’ location of Chipotle? We feel a lack of such unique structures for L.A.’s independent eateries, but haven’t really been screaming out for more Chipotles to come out of the mall. In fact, we also spied another Chiptole under construction a little further east at Vine and Sunset. Oh well, at least we hope Ivy Starck gets a good chuckle at our disappointment and that some Arizona jerks lose their minds over the news that All-American anything is getting burrito-fied.

What would you have liked to see take over All-American Burger’s white house? Or are you fairly excited to have a Chipotle here? Let us know in our comments.