Huang Changes Name of Crackhaus to Something a Little Less Catchy

Photo: Jenny Miller

Baohaus chef Eddie Huang has been in Taiwan for a few weeks now, gathering inspiration for his new restaurant (and, as you can see in a local news video, making buns at a culinary school). The chef tells us that when the restaurant opens in mid-June, it won’t be called Crackhaus as previously planned, since that name was struck down when he tried to form an LLC. “I’ve been really inspired by my trip in Taiwan, and especially the night food scene where the stalls don’t open until late night,” he e-mails. “In America, brunch is real popular, but there’s like reverse brunch in Taiwan where people come out around 11pm/12am till 4am especially to eat night market food, its called Xiao Ye. That’s the name of the new restaurant: Xiao Ye.” Hey, it’s not the easiest to remember, but then again, Huang has already said he’s going for an “abrasive” vibe.