Happy Marathon Party Day

Kickass' Gatorade cupcake.
Kickass’ Gatorade cupcake. Photo: CBH Communications

The Marathon is well underway and, whether you’re a runner or a spectator, we’ve got some post-race party options for you, because what better way to celebrate feats of incredible athleticism than by drinking and feasting?

• Sure, Kickass Cupcakes is located in Davis Square, far from the race, but that isn’t stopping chef Sara Ross from offering a special cake targeted at runners. The Gatorade cupcake, available all day, is a lemon cake with a Gatorade Jell-O center and lime frosting.

• Tonight’s Wine Monday at L’Espalier is set to be especially festive, given the restaurant’s proximity to the finish line. $60 gets you a four-course dinner paired with the wines of Southern Italy — a culinary marathon, if you will.

• At Sel De La Terre, the bar menu will be available all day long and two buck sliders are on tap from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

• Raymond Southern is offering a special Marathon day menu at The Stanhope Grille, with entrees including a ham-heavy mac & cheese, and a chopped lobster salad.

• Over at Vox Populi, the party started at nine this morning and will keep on going until closing time. $40 gets you in the restaurant, where there’s a lunch buffet right now and passed hors d’oeuvres this afternoon. Bonus: every hour, they’re giving away two tickets on JetBlue.

Happy Marathon Party Day