Gurgitators Barred From Cupcake-Eating Contest, Will Have to Down Curry Instead

Photo: Melissa Hom

Midtown Lunch reports that competitive eaters will once again be allowed to compete in Go!Go! Curry’s June 5 eating competition, which means you shouldn’t bother attending one of the qualifiers this weekend. But at least there’s this: According to the Daily News, professional gurgitators will not be welcome at Bay Ridge’s Ivy Bakery this weekend when at least ten competitors will race to down 24 cupcakes in less than twelve minutes, for a $175 prize. “I don’t want this to be one of those crazy Nathan’s hot dogs contests,” says the store’s owner. We’re not sure whether the Feisty Foodie plans to enter the competition, but her crawl of five cupcake shops (plus a stop at Shake Shack) makes us think she should.

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