So Wrong: Tim Horton’s Burgers and IHOP Pancake Stackers


Did you think we were going to leave you today without telling you about some sort of disgusting food monstrosity? Two of them actually: My Inner Fatty has a photo of a batch of chocolate and glazed doughnut burgers you too can make at home, but if you prefer your stunt food served to you by a national chain, the Food Section calls our attention to IHOP’s new “Pancake Stackers” — “cheesecake layered between two world-famous IHOP buttermilk pancakes, crowned with a choice of cool strawberries, blueberry or cinnamon apple compote and crowned with creamy whipped topping.” And you can get your cheesecake-pancake sandwich with a side of eggs, hash browns, and bacon!

Canadian Take on Donut Burgers [My Inner Fatty via AHT/Serious Eats]
Some Cheesecake With Your Pancakes? [Marketwatch via Food Section]