So Wrong: Tim Horton’s Burgers and IHOP Pancake Stackers

Photo: My Inner Fatty

Did you think we were going to leave you today without telling you about some sort of disgusting food monstrosity? Two of them actually: My Inner Fatty has a photo of a batch of chocolate and glazed doughnut burgers you too can make at home, but if you prefer your stunt food served to you by a national chain, the Food Section calls our attention to IHOP’s new “Pancake Stackers” — “cheesecake layered between two world-famous IHOP buttermilk pancakes, crowned with a choice of cool strawberries, blueberry or cinnamon apple compote and crowned with creamy whipped topping.” And you can get your cheesecake-pancake sandwich with a side of eggs, hash browns, and bacon!

Canadian Take on Donut Burgers [My Inner Fatty via AHT/Serious Eats]
Some Cheesecake With Your Pancakes? [Marketwatch via Food Section]