Gael Greene Questions Jimmy Bradley’s Cheflihood, Gets TV Show


While Josh Ozersky gets off the ground (today’s installment: Guy Fieri discussing the finer points of cultivating an entourage), another New York alum has announced a venture into actual television. Linking to a Variety article, Gael Greene announces that “Starz is hungry to showcase my memoir Insatiable: Tales from a Life of Delicious Excess into a possible one hour cable series.” After all these years, Greene is still keeping it feisty: On her Top Chef Masters blog, she says Jimmy Bradley “is popular and very successful as owner and creator of Red Cat and the Harrison in Tribeca, but is not really a chef.” Not really a chef? Amuse-Biatch is rightly surprised — sure, the guy isn’t a trained chef and he has stocked his kitchens with talents like Joey Campanaro and Amanda Freitag, but as recently as last year (in his Times wedding announcement) he described himself as a “self-made chef and restaurateur.” Pshaw!

Starz gets ‘Insatiable’
[Variety via Insatiable Critic]
Winning Combinations [Bravo via Amuse-Biatch]