Food-Court Frenzy: Mario Touts Eataly, Plus an Asian Bazaar in Koreatown

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Mario Batali tells Slashfood that $100,000 a day is “very traditional” to appear at big food festivals; he doesn’t have saggy skin despite having lost 45 pounds by eating half-portions (“Honey, I exercise every day. I’m taut!”); he’s working on a TV show featuring guests like Stanley Tucci and Meryl Streep; and Eataly will be a “gastronomic destination in New York, which we have not had for some time, like Harrods or La Boqueria.” By the way, Eataly isn’t the only bazaar coming to town.

Midtown Lunch reports that this fall, a 15,000-square-foot food court will bring the following to Koreatown, per a sign on the window: “Chinese food, Japanese food, Chicken, Pizza, Hamburger, Korean food, Western Korean food, Noodle specialty place (nangmyun, jjolmyun, noodles, kal gookosoo), Soondae corner (blood sausages), Boon shik corner (kimbap, ddukbokki, Korean fish cake soup, tempura).”

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