Fior D’Italia Turns Back Clock (and Menu Prices) to 1886

Cheap grub is a good reason to revisit North Beach.
Cheap grub is a good reason to revisit North Beach.Photo: Broke-Ass Stuart

Tomorrow, to celebrate their 125th anniversary, North Beach’s Fior D’Italia (the self-proclaimed ‘Oldest Italian Restaurant’ in America) is rolling back prices to what they were in 1886. Broke-Ass Stuart, ever vigilant with the bargains, points us to the deal in which you can chow on some alleged 19th century favorites like Veal Sauté (5¢) and Linguini with Meatball (10¢) for less than the price of a gumball. See the full menu below.

Though the restaurant’s actual birthday is Saturday, May 1st, the public celebration comes a day early. The specials will be on offer from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and it’s first come first serve. Fior D’Italia is located at 2237 Mason Street, at Francisco.