Escaping the Lunch Rut; the Lure of Hotel Restaurants

• Plenty of New Yorkers are stuck in lunch ruts, including Wendy Williams who eats a roast-beef-and-Swiss-cheese wrap from D’Agostino every Thursday. [NYP]

• Opening a restaurant in a hotel or condo development is one way for a young chef to bypass many of the traditional financing issues. [Time]

• Gordon Ramsay gave up at mile twenty of the London Marathon. [Telegraph UK]

Employees Only will sell a line of artisanal cocktail mixers via FreshDirect. [Fork in the Road/VV]

• Vietnamese restaurants serving modified Cajun cuisine are on the rise throughout the South and in California. [NYT]

• Order with an iPad at the Qsine restaurants on Celebrity Eclipse cruise ships. [Travolution UK via Feast]

• There are a few hundred more restaurants in New Orleans now than there were before Hurricane Katrina. [NYT]