Do You Eat (or Serve) Eyeballs and Stuff? Be on TV!

Beef heart, anyone?
Beef heart, anyone? Photo: iStockphoto

Below are a couple of fun casting calls from our favorite crowd-sourcing newsletter, Help a Reporter Out. It seems a Fox News health reporter, perhaps inspired by the recent Bizarre Foods episode where Zimmern really outdid himself (bamboo rats! Dung beetles! Raw gall-bladder bile!), is looking for a restaurateur who can hold forth about the health benefits of eating things like testicles and eyeballs. Sounds like a job for X’ian Famous Foods and whoever wrote descriptions like this on its menu: “The lamb face meat is composed of muscles and soft tendons, and has quite a medley of textures” and “what is a lamb treasure? that is one of the most frequently asked questions. our general response is: ‘it is mr. lamb’s treasures,’ or, ‘mr. lamb only has two of these treasures.’ if you cannot figure out what it is by now, you probably should stick with the lamb meat soup.”

Summary: Casting Seeking adults with unusual eating habits for a new TV series.
Name: Maria Skeels (Cable television)
Category: General

NYC: Unique/Rare Dishes
Name: Paula Rizzo (
Category: Biotech and Healthcare
Media Outlet:
Deadline: 07:00 PM EST - 30 April
Query:Hi – I’m looking for restaurants in NYC that service very
unique/rare dishes. We’d like to do a tasting with a unique
medicinal expert and a doctor. The restaurant must be in NYC and
serve things like: brains, testicles, eyeballs, cockscombs, etc.
The stranger the better. We will be talking about cultures that
eat these types of foods and their health benefits.