There’s This Tented, Waterfront Biker Bar That’s Pretty Great

Photo: Daniel Maurer

You wouldnt know it now, but the sun was a-shining this past Saturday, so we hightailed it to Captain Lunas of Howard Beach. Captain Lunas is basically a tent in a small parking lot that it shares with a trailer thats used as a bait and tackle shop. As you can see in our slideshow, it looks onto a marina where its not uncommon to see swans float by. Even if you find yourself on Cross Bay Boulevard, youre likely to miss it among more conspicuous landmarks like New Park Pizza and Lennys Clam Bar. But if you ride a Harley, you know where to turn in.

The menu at this little gem includes Alaskan-king-crab legs, Old Bay shrimp, steamed blue crabs, little necks, and bar food. Pitchers are $10 all night long, and theyre served by a bartender straight out of a Whitesnake video. Theres pool, darts, occasional beer pong, plastic and inflatable Corona palm trees (and a decorative surfboard for good measure), and were told Friday night is the night to go (for karaoke). Or get there during the day and watch the game till 6:30 p.m., when the North Star 2 fishing boat leaves from the marina for night fishing.

Captain Lunas Seafood Bar, 158-35 Cross Bay Blvd., nr. 159th Ave., Howard Beach, Queens; 718-569-0935