‘Dimetapp-astic’ Cocktails at Haru; Russell House’s Killer Bread Pudding


• On a recent trip to Haru, everything was delightful except the rather medicinal-tasting cherry blossom cocktail. [Forays of a Finance Foodie]

• The carrot cake bread pudding at Russell House Tavern is “the most excellent way to end the meal. For the bread pudding, make sure you scoop down deep, as the best stuff awaits you toward the bottom.” [Bean Town Bite]

Rendezvous’ lobster salad is a “show stopper.” [BostonZest]

• Unlike most burger chains, b.good “is all about the peoples and they take special care to remind you of this.” [The Palateers]

• If you go to Arlington’s Tango, be prepared to eat. A lot. [Tiny Urban Kitchen]