Delfina Looks to Expand Further in the Mission, Maybe With Mexican Concept?

What'll it be, Stoll, if not Italian?
What’ll it be, Stoll, if not Italian? Photo: Courtesy of Delfina

Craig Stoll is in empire building mode again, but so far we have very few details. As Paolo’s reporting in the Scoop, the Delfina chef-owner is planning a new, non-pizza venture in the Mission, and he’s got his eye on “one gem of a location” that he won’t yet name because the deal hasn’t gone through. We wonder if, like Traci Des Jardins (Mijita) and Laurence Jossel (Nopalito) before him, Stoll might be aiming for some kind of mid-range Mexican concept, following on his recent guest stint at the Tacolicious stand at the Ferry Building. Feel free to take guesses of your own, or to drop us your anonymous tips.

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