Crappy Contractors Were ‘Just Wingin’ It’ in Harlem

Photo: Daniel Maurer

On Tuesday, Construction Intervention, the Discovery show responsible for whitewashing the Blarney Stone, dropped in on Walter Lewis, a firefighter who closed his Harlem wing joint, Just Wingin’ It, after a contractor botch job cost him $180,000. In four days, host Charlie Frattini and his team gave the place a renovation that, naturally, brought Lewis to tears. Actually, it was a touching episode: Lewis choked up when he admitted that his dream restaurant had been closed for seven months, and that he couldn’t even walk down Eighth Avenue anymore. Anyway, Lewis tells Fox News that “business is great” at the new place, though a Yelp reviewer is dubious: “The store’s decor had nothing to do with why ‘Just Wingin’ It’ was close to shutting its doors, and had everything to do with the lack of customer service and the flavorless wings. If they fix those two problems they should be golden.”

Construction Intervention [YouTube]