Coney Island May Be Further Cheapened by Fast Food


The first thing you used to see when you came out of the Stillwell Avenue station was Nathan’s Famous, but a little over a year ago the city’s biggest scourges, Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts, moved into the station, allowing visitors to finally see for themselves what smells worse: a Subway or a subway. Now the Observer is worried that Joe Sitt is going to bring more fast food to the temporary retail structures he plans to erect along Surf Avenue.

The panic is based merely on a Taco Bell–like sign that appears in the renderings Sitt has just released (there’s also a sign for an imaginary “Bob’s Burgers”), so it may well be premature. But with the boardwalk being replaced by concrete in some areas (sacrilege!), we’ll join in the hysteria and quote the back of our Ruby’s shirt: “SAVE CONEY ISLAND.”

The New Coney Island? Sitt Sees Fast Food in Place of Current Buildings [NYO]