Columbia Kids Get Stumptown, Burger Bar

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Speaking of Columbia’s finer palates, we’ve noticed that the university’s favorite spot for black-and-white cookies, Nussbaum & Wu, recently upgraded to Stumptown. And it looks like the burger trend has hit Morningside Heights, too: Per the signage you see here, the neighborhood will soon get Mel’s Burger Bar. Whatever it is (e-mail us with any intel), it’ll replace the shuttered sushi spot Tomo right next to jumbo-slice joint Koronet Pizza (one of the few things in the neighborhood that hasn’t morphed into a Chase ATM). It’ll also be right across from the forthcoming Maoz Vegetarian. Burgers or falafel — take your pick! Plus: Eater reports that this fall, a group of Columbia students is launching a food truck focusing on healthy, sustainable food.