Mysterious Mural Causes Chocolate Cravings

Is Hollywood also becoming a chocolate city?
Is Hollywood also becoming a chocolate city? Photo: Hadley Tomicki

The wall space on LaBrea below Melrose–long blurring the line between art and commerce with commercial murals that avoid direct mentions of any advertiser–now has a particularly mouth-watering design. Giant cursive spells “Chocolate” repeatedly on several bright posters, giving us cravings, but not telling us where to find the good stuff. Here’s a photo above, if you know anything about the mural’s origin or purpose, please let us know more in the comments. Until then, catch us getting our fix over chocolate and peanut butter mousse cake at Susina. Update: It’s for the skateboard company, we now know, thanks to all who wrote in and debunked our “no direct mentions of any advertiser” description.