Brooklynites to Sing Songs of Sixpence, Wallow in Pie

Salted-caramel apple pie.
Salted-caramel apple pie. Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

Are pies the new cupcakes? Or at least the new macarons? Well, one can certainly hope given all the pie-centric sweet shops, coffee houses, and cafés popping up like spring crocuses these days. The latest is run by two twentysomething sisters who live in Brooklyn but come from a long line of South Dakota pie-makers. Their new Gowanus shop, which should open by the end of next week, is called Four & Twenty Blackbirds, although their specialty is salted-caramel apple pie, blackbirds being a protected species and all. Next week’s magazine has the details, but Grub Street readers get them early. Then ask yourself: Is there anything better than pie?

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