Boston’s Cocktail Scene Gets New York Validation

The bar at Craigie on Main
The bar at Craigie on Main Photo: Michael Piazza

“In terms of sheer number of establishments that will make you a great drink, New York is in the lead. Not far behind us is Boston,” writes Chantal Martineau on Fork In The Road, the Village Voice’s food blog. On a recent drinking tour of the Hub (with stops at Eastern Standard, the bar at Craigie on Main, and Drink), Martineau found that, despite the many Manhattan (the drink, not the borough) derivations found on Boston’s drink lists (Eastern Standard’s Prospect Park, the Fort Point at Drink), Boston’s cocktail scene boasts comfortably large rooms, no door snobbery, and lower prices. Best of all, “unlike Gotham’s [bar scene], the requisite handlebar mustache and speakeasy aesthetic are (thankfully) absent.” All this after visiting only three of Boston’s great cocktail bars! Just imagine the raves that would result if she had included more spots like the Franklin Cafe, Green Street, and Deep Ellum.

Boston Cocktail Party: Beantown’s Drink Culture is Thriving, Minus the Speakeasy Rhetoric [Fork in the Road/Village Voice]