Big Trouble in Chinatown: White Star Is Safe, But Doyers May Be in Danger

White Star is alive and well.
White Star is alive and well. Photo: Gavin Thomas

A tipster who recently tried to visit White Star twice, but found it closed and the number disconnected, worried that it was gone for good, but Sasha Petraske tells us he’s still open for business: “We’re hoping to add a small wine-by-the-glass list and some food in the next two weeks.” No word on why the number was disconnected, but Petraske does have a history in this area. Meanwhile, Zagat has some potentially devastating news about a homey BYO favorite nearby: “Doyers Vietnamese, the seven-year-old restaurant nestled right in the crook of Chinatown’s short Doyers Street, looks to be closed, with some serious reno going on inside and the phone line disconnected.”

Doyers Doneski? [Zagat Buzz]