Baseball Concessions Get Fancy; Where to Start a Tab

• Baseball stadiums nationwide are adding more diverse and upscale food offerings. [NRN]

• A handful of New York restaurants, including ’21’ Club and the Palm, still allow regulars to keep a tab. [NYP]

Gino still keeps a handwritten ledger of all the customers with house accounts, a list which, over the restaurant’s 65 years, has included everyone from Frank Sinatra to Bernie Madoff. [NYP]

• Seattle-based Beecher Homemade Cheese will open a factory in flatiron in February. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• KFC’s Double Down sandwich, a bacon-cheese sandwich with fried chicken substituting for the bread, will launch nationally on April 12. [Consumerist via Eater National]

• Vitaminwater’s new ad campaign hints at the product’s efficacy as a hangover cure. [WSJ]

• Following a lawsuit, Maker’s Mark’s red seal is now a registered trademark. [NYP]