Bare Burger Brings Grass-Fed Elk Burgers and Outdoor Suds to Greenwich Village


NYU kids, if you were jealous about Columbia’s burger bar, take heart: Not even a year after opening in Astoria, Bare Burger has laid claim to some prime Village realty — the former Society space at 535 LaGuardia.

Judging by a menu that’s already been posted outside (though it looks like construction has just started), the Manhattan location will feature the same variety of towering all-organic burgers made from exotic meats such as grass-fed elk, ostrich, and bison — with organic beers on draft to match. (You can see the the menus over at Bare Burger’s site.) We’re waiting to hear from the burgermeisters about an opening date, but fingers crossed for lamb and cucumber-mint burgers on the ample front patio.