Bad Smells Alfresco; Cupcakes Hit Paris

Though New Yorkers love to dine outside, some restaurant patios, like Flex Mussels and Benny's Burritos, are marred by unpleasant noises or smells. [NYP]

Ruth Reichl's paperback edition of Not Becoming My Mother gets the "softer" title, For You, Mom. Finally. [Chapter & Verse/Christian Science Monitor]

Cupcake mania has hit Paris with several bakeries opening over the past few years. [T Magazine]

Jamie Oliver plans to spend millions of his own money to improve British primary-school meals. [BBC]

VH1's new slate of reality programming includes Beso: Waiting on Fame, a program about Eva Longoria-Parker and Todd English's L.A. restaurant. [Broadcasting & Cable]

Contrary to a longstanding rumor, Al Pacino never worked coat check at The Four Seasons. [NYP]

Craft beer currently represents 7 percent of American beer sales, and that number is steadily rising. [WSJ]

The staff of Southpaw are pooling their time and money to help an abandoned and sickly stray puppy a bartender found outside the venue. [Pawesome via Gothamist]

Negotiations are still under way between the owners and the union at Gino, and the restaurant could close on May 15. [City Room/NYT]