Animal and Fox Meet for Veggie Tasting Menus in May

Jon Shook
Jon Shook Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Animal will take a departure from its usual meat-benders for a week-long appearance by San Francisco chef Jeremy Fox, formerly of Ubuntu. Fox will collaborate with Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo for seven nights, from May 17th to 23rd, where the chef trio will prepare multi-course tasting menus of, get this, vegetables! The restaurant tells us even vegans will be accounted for, while the chefs will work to pair wine and beer with each course. The tasting menus, which probably won’t appear until the May dates approach, are priced at $70 per person with pairings $35 extra. Reservations are a must at 323-782-9225. Do not expect them to last, especially after the New Yorker profile makes the rounds.

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