Al Pacino Is a Fan of Greenpoint’s Mysterious Cannoli Bakers

Photo: iStockphoto

Move over, doughnuts, cupcakes, gelato, whoopie pies, and cake balls: It appears that we are about to enter the era of the cannoli. A mysterious blog run by last-name–less Greenpoint pastry chefs Joe and AnnMarie promises that they’ll be opening a cannoli and sfogliatelle pop-up in the neighborhood, which as far as we can tell will be called the Dessert Dipper and will “bring old style Italian pastry to the streets.”

Lest you think this is a flash in the pan, Joe has already racked up his first celeb endorsement. Spying a movie shooting on Metropolitan Avenue, he pitched his biscotti to craft services, and they landed in Al Pacino’s hands. “He asked me what else I made,” writes Joe, “and I proclaimed my famous cannoli’s [sic] to which he replied ‘Bring me a dozen — Extra powder.’” [Sweets in Brooklyn via Greenpointers]