A Mr. Cutlets Video a Day Probably Won’t Keep the Doctor Away


Its finally here, and on the day our computers audio isnt working, no less: Ozersky.tv! The website, launched with Feast honcho Ben Leventhal, promises daily three-minute video clips of Mr. Cutlets in all of his goateed, gout-addled glory. Already we have the man eating ribs with Katie Lee, eating ribs at RUB, and some non-rib content, too. Though Professor Ozersky is, of course, a man of letters (just yesterday he pontificated about the death of the Average American Diner in Time), anyone who has ever seen his Grub Street videos knows hes also made for television heck, he even rhapsodized about bacon on Nightline last night (again, at RUB). To paraphrase the Mr. Cutlets theme song, come and spend some time with him.

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