A Look Inside St. Anselm, Soon to Start Deep-frying Hot Dogs in Williamsburg

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Photo: Melissa Hom

While in preopening paperwork limbo, Joe Carroll took a moment to describe his newest project, St. Anselm, the haute snack bar he plans to open later this month, next door to his beer bar, Spuyten Duyvil, and across from his barbecue joint, Fette Sau. In the beginning, he says, We wanted to do a simple hot dog joint. But that modest plan, aided and abetted by his father, also Joe, whos a partner here with his son and daughter-in-law, Kim, ultimately spawned a menu that reads like an unfettered celebration of regional specialties and nose-to-tail eating.

Much of the inspiration came from Carrolls Jamie Oliverunapproved childhood diet, like the Newark-style hot dogs that are deep-fried, stuffed into a split pizza bread, and crammed with crispy potatoes, onions, and peppers. (St. Anselms pork-and-beef dogs are custom-made by Karl Ehmer, predominantly from Duroc pigs, and fried in beef tallow.) Theres also a two-ounce homage to the White Manna sliders of Carrolls North Jersey youth. Ive been studying what they do for years, says Carroll. The trick, hes convinced, is preparing them on a very low-temperature flattop so they cook in their own juices.

Other fatty delights will include scrapple, goetta, and sausages, all made in-house; relics like humble pie and chicken la king; a pork-neck-bone dish the Carrolls fell for in Las Vegas; and the ominous sounding Skin 3 Way. Regional sandwiches include Trenton pork roll (Spam-ish and salty, says Carroll) and beef on weck. Offal, as you might imagine, is liberally sprinkled throughout.

To drink, the Carrolls are delving deeper into wine than at their other establishments, with an international selection heavy on half bottles and sold for a lower-than-average markup. And like Terroir Tribeca, St. Anselm will be serving wine on tap in this case, Red Hook Winerys Chardonnay and sparkling Brooklynbrusco, the latter a riff on the Lambrusco of Italys Emilia-Romagna, prized for its refreshing knack for cutting through the fatty flavor of cured meats. It sounds like a match made in meat lovers heaven.

Preview the menu below, then click through the slideshow for a look inside.

St. Anselm's Menu [PDF]

St. Anselm is scheduled to open the week of April 19 at 355 Metropolitan Ave., nr. Havemeyer St., Williamsburg; 718-384-5054.