Yowza!! Launches Digital Coupons App for Guests and Owners


A new app launches today for store, market, and restaurant owners who want to reach potential customers directly with coupons and discount deals, eliminating the need for massive marketing funds or planning time. Called Yowza!!, the online service, which was co-created by Heroes actor Greg Grunberg, signs up restaurateurs and vendors for $49 a month, then allows them to create their own mobile discount coupons without limit. Site users search Yowza by location, revealing where there are retailers with discounts on offer, and also eliminating our need for scissors on a Sunday morning. The app launches today and is available for free to mobile phone users, and saves owners potential hundreds in reaching new clients and offering deals. Find it online at GetYowza.com.

Yowza!! Launches Self-Serve Mobile Couponing for Local Retailers and Restaurants [PRWeb]