WSJ Challenges Times Food Coverage; New Food Vendors in Coney Island

The Wall Street Journal plans to challenge the Times on New York restaurant coverage. [NYO]

The city is taking proposals from food operators in the yet-to-be-built amphitheater in Coney Island's Asser Levy Park. [Brooklyn Paper]

A group of New Yorkers are spending the year visiting bars that start with each letter of the alphabet, in order. [NYT]

A grasshopper infestation this summer could damage millions of acres of crops like barley, corn, and beets. [WSJ]

Environmental activists are using social media to attack Nestl about its use of Indonesian palm oil. [WSJ]

Italy's famed asparagus season is under way. [WSJ]

The Carnegie Deli isn't the only restaurant where you can find dishes named after celebrities and some, like Cafeteria's Carey Club, were even co-created by the stars. [NYP]

India's first-ever Taco Bell opened last week. [NRN]

March's unusually warm weather spelled an early end for Vermont's maple-syrup season. [NYT]

A Bronx rabbinical-school employee is suing the school, claiming she was fired because she didn't keep kosher. [NYP]