Wolfgang Puck: No Drama in Oscars Kitchen

Photo: Greg in Hollywood via Flickr Creative Commons

What does it feel like to cook for 1,500 people at Hollywood’s most heavily watched awards ceremony? If you trust the diary that Oscars-caterer Wolfgang Puck kept for Esquire last night, one hardly breaks a sweat by his sixteenth year. The chef displays unbelievable cool while reporting on the progress of his dinner, wherein we learn that his son Byron is by his side shaving black truffles into pot pies, that Wolf was wearing a custom-made jacket by costume designer Jeffrey Kurland, and that he only gets one day to access the mold to make chocolate Oscar statuettes for every attendee. Puck also jams some Jacko in the kitchen, notes the glaring absence of a recently deceased Army Archerd, and rejoices over the win by his Austrian countryman Christoph Waltz. With no major freak-outs, melt-downs, or rampages, we get the sense Puck is making this “wonderful night” look a bit easy.

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